The Independent Allocation Vaccine Team (IAVG) was founded by the WHO in January 2021 and is composed of 12 associates who serve in their private, unbiased capacities to critique and evaluate Vaccine Allocation Selection (VAD) proposals generated by the COVAX Facility Joint Allocation Taskforce (JAT) on the volumes of vaccines that really should be allotted to every single participant underneath COVAX within just a specified time body[1].

The IAVG proceeds to be very worried about the evolution of the pandemic, and its overall health, social and economic impacts, and features its whole help to COVAX Partners to be certain that crucial messages are channelled to the pertinent fora to raise the recognition of governments, brands and stakeholders of troubles in entry to COVID-19 vaccines. 

The IAVG is involved about the 25% reduction in supply forecast for the fourth quarter of 2021. It is also concerned about the prioritization of bilateral specials in excess of international collaboration and solidarity, export restrictions and selections by some nations to administer booster doses to their adult populations.

During its past meeting on 17 September, the IAVG revisited concerns earlier raised pertaining to vaccine supply, vaccine allocation, and vaccine administration and delivers the following perspectives:   

Vaccine source

The IAVG proceeds to be concerned by the reduced offer of vaccines to COVAX, and reiterates the need to have for companies, vaccine creating and higher-coverage nations around the world to prioritize vaccine fairness and transparency, the sharing of facts about production potential and supply schedules to COVAX, as perfectly as vaccine accessibility plans.  While recognizing the want for added doses to guard particular susceptible, immune-compromised populations, the IAVG implies countries accumulate and evaluation additional proof right before utilizing procedures pertaining to the administration of booster doses to their populations.

Vaccine allocation

The recent excellent allocation spherical at which the advice was made that the October COVAX supply be absolutely focused to individuals countries with a minimal populace coverage, after accounting for all resources of vaccines, is a phase ahead in achieving equitable entry. The IAVG supports the choice of prioritizing COVAX offer for these countries most probable relying exclusively on COVAX for accessibility to COVID-19 vaccines and supports the continuation of this method in long run rounds.

The IAVG notes that so much only 3 makers have waived indemnification and liability for use in humanitarian options, and none have been waived for use at country degree. This has effects for vaccines allocated to the humanitarian buffer, as properly as most likely setting precedents for long term use.

Vaccine administration

The IAVG has considered the information and details on absorptive ability in nations with lower total populace coverage and delivers the following difficulties to the consideration of the COVAX Companions for further thought: 

  • Continued advocacy for fairness is wanted in global and regional fora to tackle the lack of political will in quite a few configurations that is blocking the implementation of equitable accessibility and the enhancement of properly-resourced vaccination programmes at region level.
  • International locations have to be equipped to entry funding for vaccine implementation.   Continued awareness of the need to have for such funding as effectively as the provision of technological guidance to nations around the world to acquire requests for aid have to be prioritized, specially by the World Lender and other multilateral growth banks. Funding should really also be deemed for 3rd get together actors (NGOs and civil culture) keen to guidance nations around the world in vaccine implementation.
  • Donations to COVAX are an essential resource of vaccine supply even so, these need to complement alternatively than switch vaccine procurement by COVAX offered the significant transaction stress and costs in managing these donations.  Additionally, IAVG strongly encourages substantial-coverage international locations to swap their shipping and delivery schedules with all those of COVAX so that COVAX contracts can be prioritized by producers.
  • The IAVG reiterates the need for nations which are sharing doses with COVAX to lower/get rid of all earmarking and make sure the donated vaccines have an ample remaining shelf life to allow for for their use.
  • Various programmes have been set in spot to improve self-assurance in COVID-19 vaccines and deal with vaccination hesitancy.  These will have to be tailor-made to neighborhood contexts and the engagement of local communities and civil modern society is significant to making certain their success.
  • Some regions and/or international locations are enduring civil unrest, conflicts and organic disasters that are impeding or slowing the implementation of vaccination programmes.  International solidarity and cooperation are required to ensure they are supported in such vital scenarios.

COVAX remains the principal world-wide access mechanism ready to provide all international locations and ensure equitable obtain. The IAVG stands strongly powering this initiative.


[1] The IAVG ( acknowledges that the function of the WHO within COVAX is to supply advice on vaccine plan, regulation, safety, research and enhancement, vaccine allocation, and country readiness and shipping, in partnership with UNICEF.  As of these days, the IAVG has validated allocation by way of COVAX for a whole of 362.8 million doses of vaccines. 


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