A a few-yr pilot venture for the regulate of taeniasis in Madagascar has shown very interesting and significantly-reaching success. Eligible grown ups and children aged 5 and in excess of in 52 villages in the District of Antanifotsy1 were being dealt with with the&#13
medication praziquantel2 (at a dose of 10 mg/kg). The medicine was properly-tolerated, with no major facet occasions described all through the duration of the project.

“This is the very first this kind of job for the manage of taeniasis in Madagascar and we reached a procedure coverage as superior as 95%” mentioned Dr Sylvia Ramiandrasoa, who managed the project. “The critical aspects that led to this achievement consist of a comprehensive social mobilization campaign comprising training and communication consciousness and the proximity of group health and fitness personnel with the communities which resulted in significant remedy compliance.”

An ordinary of about 73,000 individuals have been dealt with, every yr, for 3 many years with a overall of 221,308 solutions. Adults and children in excess of 5 years of age had been included. The outcome was a major reduction in the prevalence of taeniasis, observed four months&#13
following the very last mass treatment of communities in the villages.

“The lessons from this critical undertaking and its affect go past Madagascar” mentioned Dr Bernadette Abela-Ridder, in cost of WHO’s Neglected Zoonotic Illnesses programme. “They exhibit that if we deal with men and women with the ideal dose at typical intervals, couple will get infected or acquire neurocysticercosis.”

Nonetheless, this reduction could not be taken care of, and sixteen months right after the final cure, taeniasis returned to its first concentrations, but the consequence of the pilot job implies a ‘One Health’ approach3 is required to split&#13
the cycle of an infection. This can properly happen when frequent remedy of people today dwelling in endemic parts is blended with pig vaccination and pig treatment.

Photo: WHO / Individuals in a single of the 52 villages in Madagascar’s Antanifotsy District ready to be addressed with praziquantel versus taeniasis through a pilot venture that ran from 2015-2017


The challenge, led by the Ministry of Health and fitness of Madagascar and supported by the Environment Health Organization (WHO), began in 2015.

Taeniasis is prevalent in rural spots of Madagascar in which men and women follow backyard pig rearing. The parasite that leads to taeniasis, T. solium, was to start with described in the early 1900s in Madagascar.


Taeniasis – an intestinal infection caused by T. solium tapeworm – happens when humans eat uncooked or undercooked, infected pork.

Persons who have tapeworms in the intestine will drop tapeworm eggs.


  1. A rural District in Madagascar and regarded as the 8th premier, found about 112 kilometres from the capital, Antananarivo.

  2. Praziquantel (PZQ) is a WHO-advised drugs for the command and treatment of schistosomiasis (bilharzia). It varieties part of a course of remedies identified as anthelminthics. Scientific tests have shown its opportunity as a very productive taeniacide.

  3. The overall health of animals, people today, vegetation and the setting is interconnected. A person Wellbeing is an integrated strategy that recognizes this fundamental marriage and makes certain that experts in a number of sectors function jointly to tackle wellbeing threats to animals, humans, vegetation and the natural environment”- Meals and Agriculture Business of the UNited Nations.(FAO).

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