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There is some thing deeply comical about suggesting that seagulls are intelligent plenty of to wait around for you to appear absent before stealing your french fries, but dumb ample to fly into wind turbine blades.

A two-calendar year review on the interactions of numerous seabird species at an offshore wind farm identified that not a single situation of birdstrike was recorded over the study interval or in the 10,000 films taken.

On the lookout at herring gulls, gannets, kittiwakes, and good black-backed gulls, Swedish point out wind business Vattenfall discovered that most of the birds taken care of a 50 to 230-property length concerning by themselves and the radius of the spinning turbines.

“This is the 1st time that any kind of chook species has been examined this intently and in depth at an offshore wind farm,” claimed research author Henrik Skov. “And these birds are definitely excellent at steering clear of the turbines. Now we need experiments on additional kinds.”

The analyze was executed on a wind farm consisting of 11 offshore turbines in the vicinity of Aberdeen, Scotland. It utilized radar surveys and mounted online video cameras to assemble info.

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Why these seabirds avoided the turbines could be down to the person species observed since other experiments have revealed seabirds are inclined to rank substantial in offshore wind turbine mortality, and of medium chance for land-centered wind turbine mortality.

Skov also offered that it could be the turbines are, for 1 cause or another, outside the house of outstanding flight corridors, and therefore aren’t where by birds have traditionally flown possibly for migration and nesting needs, or feeding.

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The analyze is a massive milestone in scientists’ tries to find out how and where to create wind turbines so that they do not interfere with birds’ flight patterns. If there is anything in the info of this study or upcoming observations that could expose the key as to why there was no mortality at the Aberdeen wind farm, it could necessarily mean that hundreds of hundreds of birds could be saved in the future.

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