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An Oklahoma mother took a scissors to her aged prom costume so that her small woman could put on it to her ‘daddy-daughter’ dance—and the results had been superb.

Lexi Donelson was battling to obtain the perfect, still cost-effective, gown for 5-12 months-outdated daughter Sterling when she instantly remembered she continue to had her very own promenade dress.

The 26-year-outdated mother-of-3 experienced donned the costume eleven decades ago when she joined her large college sweetheart, Dewey, for their promenade. The pair experienced started dating a few of months ahead of, immediately after being schoolmates given that they ended up 10—and four many years later on they had been married.

Lexi “adored” the turquoise gown and normally place it on for pleasurable and was praised by tiny Sterling who referred to as it ‘mommy’s Elsa dress’.

Lexi termed her have mom to support with the alterations, and the pair set about to shorten and slender down the gown.

The two seamstresses played all around with the gown striving to rearrange it before slicing the tulle at the base and tightening the chest to make it smaller—and they only required all over two hrs on the sewing machine.

“When I initially explained to Sterling, right before it was altered, ‘This is heading to be your dress now,’ she was actually baffled.

“But she was so thrilled after we commenced reducing and stitching.

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“When she tried it on, she did not want to just take it off. It looked lovely on her.”

Dewey with daughter Sterling – SWNS

Now she tells many others, ‘It’s my Elsa dress’.

“I get really emotional wondering about that second.”

Lexi experienced to inform her that she couldn’t have on the robe right before the special dance—but afterward she can “wear it each day.”

Dewey woke up early and went to buy his daughter bouquets and Lexi got psychological snapping pictures of them donning their outfits prior to the dance.

“Remembering our prom, I could not have imagined he would be these types of an astounding father.

Lexi is so joyful that her mother, Karena Logan, is sentimental and held on to some of the aged outfits.

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Now, Sterling wears the costume so a lot the straps have ripped off–but Lexi has yet another heading costume, worn to yet another promenade, that Sterling could possibly use to her very own formal dance in the upcoming.

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