The Galapagos Islands options some of the most wonderful creatures on the earth. Scuba divers check out from all about the globe to perspective the biggest clearly show on Earth, a smorgasbord of maritime animals from hammerhead sharks to the giant eagle rays.

Witnessed from beneath

Able hunters of tiny fish and crustaceans, spotted eagle rays have advanced an potential to detect the electrical impulses of their prey through hundreds of nerve cells found in their wings and all over their heads.

They can also feeling minute variations in drinking water temperature and tension.

Generally noticed alone, these rays are special in overall look with their noticed back again and flat snouts similar to a duck’s bill.

Their whip tails are lengthier than all those of other rays, and they have 2-6 venomous, barbed stingers that contains powerful venom that is able of inflicting severe, even deadly wounds on big predators. (Glance for them at the foundation of the tail in the movie.)

Graceful but unsafe

With these kinds of defenses, they are prevented by most animals apart from huge sharks—yet people unintentionally can run into them. They freely leap out of the h2o at moments, and, at minimum twice have landed in boats with dire effects for at the very least one girl.

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The scuba diver in this online video was hanging on to a rock in the potent recent off Darwin Island when an eagle ray appeared and swam in close proximity to him, almost within arm’s get to. It fought the current, making gradual development generating a prolonged and unforgettable working experience for the lucky diver. Enjoy below…

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