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In an energy to appear up with a renewable, biodegradable design and style material that also gets rid of a landfill waste stream, French designers are proposing to go over the walls of your home with fish scales.

In actuality the notion is an elegant tile created from fish scales. It is named Scalite, and it separates then brings together in a natural way-occuring minerals and the collagen in the fish scales to develop a lovely, sturdy, obviously fireplace-resistant tile.

Fish scales are from time to time turned into fertilizer and fish oil health supplements, but are generally just thrown out into regular landfill waste streams along with the head and the bones.

Erik de Laurens came up with the idea and started off the style business Scale with his cousin Edourad.

Whilst it is tricky to zero in on dependable provide chains of fish scales, even on the most recycling-acutely aware continent of Europe, the sq. or rectangular tiles of Scalite are priced in concerning widespread purely natural stone like white Corian, and marble, at about $35 for every squre foot, or €300 for each square meter.

“If you’re actually major about your environmental impact then this is a genuinely great remedy due to the fact it is fundamentally normal,” Laurens explained to Quick Corporation.

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Scale have built the Scalite tiles to be useable in a wide assortment of applications, from interior decoration in non-public homes and workplaces, to home furnishings, to retail shows.

A assortment of organic dies can make wild marble-like designs in shades as different as moss eco-friendly and mustard yellow.

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Unfortunately, and probably ironically, they aren’t water-resistant. A single really should not go and plaster these tiles in a rest room, as they will take in any drinking water that they occur in get hold of with. Scale has contracted a biochemist to come across a solution to this defect in a true, natural way to manage the product’s inexperienced qualifications.

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