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How is the Environment Protected During Armed Conflict? (Event Highlights) from ICRC on Vimeo.
In 2021, the UN International Law Commission (ILC) finalized its Principles on the protection of the environment in armed conflict. Two years earlier, the ICRC released its own Guidelines on the Protection of the Natural Environment in Armed Conflict. These two significant legal initiatives are part and parcel to a flurry of interest in the topic. In response to these initiatives and in reaction to this vibrant interest, the International Review of the Red Cross has compiled a special edition on the protection of the environment in armed conflict, featuring more than two dozen articles exploring the topic from a variety of angles. At this event, authors whose work is featured in that edition engaged in a lively conversation, followed by closing remarks by former ILC Special Rapporteur Marja Lehto.
Want to take a deep dive? Find the full event recording here to unpack all the substance from this report launch event!
– International sign language interpretation was provided at this event. –

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