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Like NASA which landed its fifth Martian rover in February, China’s Zhurong rover touched down on the Crimson Earth this 12 months.

It brought to Mars a suite of scientific devices such as a temperature station, ground-penetrating radar, and a laser spectroscopy product for blasting rocks aside to measure their mineral material.

It also brought a deployable Wi-Fi camera, which it left in the dust ahead of driving off, to produce footage of it driving down from the landing module and carrying out a series of maneuvers. This was the 1st footage of a rover driving on Mars which any nation has developed.

Audio clips of its metallic wheels scraping from the disembarking ramps ended up also gathered, which Chinese room authorities say demonstrates the features of the Martian atmosphere.

“With the information we launched this time, such as all those appears recorded when our Mars rover remaining the lander, we are in a position to perform in-depth assessment to the atmosphere and situation of Mars, for instance, the density of the atmosphere on the Mars,” Liu Jizhong, deputy commander of China’s to start with Mars exploration system, instructed Chinese media.

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Previously this 12 months, NASA’s Perseverance collected movie of its Ingenuity Martian Helicopter undertaking a flight check, and of the extraordinary parachute deployment and landing dubbed the “7 minutes of terror.” China also collected its possess video of the parachute deployment and landing.

The solar-powered Zhurong, which was the identify of an historic Chinese fireplace god, has traveled 236 meters considering that it landed on June 15th, and it proceeds to carry out process checks prior to heading off in research of knowledge.

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It was landed as component of the Tianwen-1 interplanetary mission, which also incorporated a lander and an orbiter, all 3 of which ended up very first of their variety for the nation—making China the world’s to start with country to realize success with all three at the initially go-all around.

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Some of the video taken may well remind some audience of pre-Unique Version footage of Star Wars: A New Hope, when a young and plucky Luke Skywalker is traversing his desert home of Tatooine in his landspeeder. Take pleasure in the demonstrate.

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