If an overwhelming sound of buzzing is coming from the siding on your property, or from an old trashcan or other enclosed room, you’ve got a bee issue and will have to have a skilled.

Pictures by Texas Beesworks

If you reside in Austin Texas, your beekeeper could arrive with no so considerably as a protective glove on her hand.

Soon after quitting her place of work work in 2019, Erika Thompson, founder of Texas Beeworks, became a fulltime beekeeper with a mission to improve the populace of bees and hives in the Lone Star Condition.

So, every day she travels to rescue errant bee swarms from hurt. She cautiously preserves their aged hive, cutting it into sections to transfer to a new hive that she has brought. Then she carries the hive to her truck and brings them to her land exactly where they can recover.

Erika is like a bee whisperer. When she arrives on the scene, she can discern from their behavior whether or not the bees are very likely to sting her. She will use protection for those broods, but largely she works in harmony with them.

With the tenderness of Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin who would kiss the nose of a ‘problem croc’, Thompson will scoop out bees that have invaded trash bins or household siding with her bare palms and a mild smile.

All the although, she’ll be describing on digital camera, for her TikTok or YouTube channels, how form, comfortable, and orderly, bees truly are.

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“How appear they aren’t stinging you?” is the number a person concern posed to Erika, who claims the key is looking at the bees’ mood.

“After we take out the bees, they are relocated to a single our 25+ bee sanctuaries in the Austin place so that the bees can keep on their vital do the job in a put that is both of those safer for you and for them,” Thompson writes on her web site.

Though it could price tag a $100 or additional to have an recognized hive taken out from your residence, Thompson is encouraging people today to guard bee populations by supplying free of charge swarm removal. Swarms are errant balls of hiveless-bees, which in some cases don’t have a queen, and are thusly aimless.

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Out of regard for the bee’s toil, Texas Beeworks does not provide any honey from her hives, but fairly tends to make a dwelling completely via bee removing and beekeeping classes.

Enjoy more head-boggling, bare-handed hive removals in the amazing movie below…

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